Area3 – The Design Area 51 of Barcelona

Area3 is a Barcelona based collective formed in 1999 by designers, programmers, musicians and a poet, who work primarily in the area of interactive New Media. Their projects are diverse, ranging from web design to audiovisual installations.


“Barcelona has a clean style – plain colours and very institutional (sometimes a bit boring).”


“Most of the Spanish designers are too fascinated with things that have already been done and too afraid to try something that might be rejected by clients and society.”

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Operating like a videogame, Dynacity is an interactive installation that proposes the construction of a city with explicit reference to a plausible but unreal city of the United Arab Emirates.


The movement of the spectator is the engine generating the buildings and allowing the passage through each of the three stages of the work. Move, jump, dance… don’ t stop. In the screen, you will discover a city that travels through time (from past to future) in accordance with your rhythm, to induce reflections about architecture, identity, memory and the idea of spectacle.

Diente de león

Leave your message and make it fly. This curious guestbook works with a keyboard for writing comments that become the dandelion’s seeds, and a microphone that, blowing it, will make them fly.


The Dandelion is a mysterious flower with curative properties, related sometimes to the magic. For this reason, area3 presents an interactive installation that is a guestbook full of surprises and poetry. The public can write his/her messages with the keyboard The written messages disappear from the screen slowly but are registered in a database because Dandelion is a memories album, feelings and words full of poetry.


Amazing Red

Amazing red is a videoart work made by area3 that recreates a solitary and reflexive voyage through the outskirts of a city. For this reason, red is the color that tinges the landscape conferring to the images a feel of warm. The music, which is specially created by Sistema, is a guide that dances in time with the images, as it reacts to the sound. In order to achieve this, the video was digitally treated with filters programmed in Processing. These filters redraw each shot with just a red line that covers all the image and they are equalized with the sound volume.


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