New Look – Nap On The Bow

Director’s Tim & Joe at Colonel Blimp have shot a music video for New Look’s track Nap On The Bow using an XBox Kinect camera which emits thousands of infa-red dots to track a player’s movements in 3D…


There is an obvious comparison to James Frost’s House of Cards video for Radiohead from 2008 which wasn’t shot using traditional cameras but using lasers and scanners instead.

However this video fuses footage taken with XBox’s Kinect camera with CG imagery created to compliment it.

“Using the Kinect to shoot and then edit Sarah and Adam’s performance sections was the most fun part for us. The camera gives you half a 3D image which enabled us to have full control over their performance. This allowed us to do all the camera moves around them both as well make them dissolve, explode and even invert.”

Nap On The Bow credits

Director / DoP: Tim & Joe
Production company: Colonel Blimp
Post production: Chris Bristow @Munky London


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