NYC’s Urban Art: DAIN

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, the elusive DAIN is considered to be one of the more influential artists to emerge from the current New York City street art movement.


DAIN faithfully produces works that are both evocative and beautiful in their composition. His love for old Hollywood glam is evident in much of his work.


This, along with his roots in graffiti, create a gritty yet delicate street art style that is all his own. DAIN’s art has recently been featured in shows in New York, London and Paris.



The Rook & Raven Gallery is the flagship space for London Art Consultancy 2R Art, showcasing Alternative Contemporary artwork from both UK and international artists.


Based in the heart of London’s creative hub, Soho/Fitzrovia the gallery can be found at 7-8 Rathbone Place. The 3500 sq ft space features the latest LED lighting, a lounge area and smiling staff whose shared passion for the works exhibited means Rook & Raven will be a welcoming and engaging space regardless of when you stop by.


The launch of the gallery will kick off with the group show ‘You Rest You Rust’ featuring works by DAIN, Dale ‘vN’ Marshall, Daniel Lumbini and Penny.


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