The next Gem of Berlin Illustration: Mathis Rekowski

Mathis Rekowski is a German illustrator and photographer currently based in Berlin. With a background in advertising and filmmaking, he creates an amazing work full of colors and information.


Mathis has a unique and very fresh style of illustration. A keen photographer, his acute creative eye comes up with intricately composed compositions, often a mixture between collaged and digital elements.


Whether it’s personal work or commissioned he keeps his essence and style always in every piece.


He also makes short films that are like surreal acid trips, but they’re always epic and on point. So colorful and playful and always convey’s vivid imagery that would kill an epileptic.


“I got more used to working in parallel on different pictures, which really helps, since you can go back and forth with one artwork and get deeper into it.”


Check out his website for more of his illustration artwork and videos!



2 thoughts on “The next Gem of Berlin Illustration: Mathis Rekowski

  1. Your description is so perfect- “kill an epileptic.” 🙂 I like seeing Matthis commissioned work beside his personal artwork as a comparison. It’s kind of neat- you can see how they had to reel him in a little.. ya know?

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