This studio’s name originally came from its founder Andreas Philström’s personal online project, similar to Flickr, but for designers rather than photographers.


A couple of weeks before setting up the studio, he realised that the domain name would serve the purpose of his freelance company just as well, so he decided to stick with it.


Specializing in typography, concept, technology, art direction and graphic design, he has been responsible for user experience design, creative direction, and social network development for studios and agencies such as Universal Everything, North Kingdom and Syrup — for a wide-ranging client-base, including Toyota, MTV, BMW, Five, Sony, JCPenney and Disney to name but a few.


In addition to agency work, he has also been responsible for various innovative and well known projects. One example which has garnered quite a reputation is ‘Dropular’, a media bookmarking service which was designed specifically for photographers, architects, fashion designers, graphic designers and artists.


Additionally, he produced the ‘Grid-A-Licious’ WordPress theme, one of 2008-09’s most recognizable web design layout templates, which has been reviewed and mentioned in various magazines, e-zines and even international newspapers (USA Today).


His typographic pursuits have also yielded custom typeface designs for Diesel, the Webby Awards and CAP&Design (Scandinavia’s largest print magazine).


He has also created purchasable fonts which have been showcased in several typographic stores, including the well-regarded “YouWorkForThem’s Top Fonts” for 2008 & 2009, and have been sighted in designs for Playboy, Sony BMG and Vodafone.


He has gained notable awards and nominations from competitions including the Apple Design Awards and FWA, and has been featured and talked about in magazines, newspapers and books such as Creative Review, JPeople, Computer Arts and Metro.


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