Monarchy & Noble Folk by Hayley Lock

For the last two years Hayley Lock has been developing a series of works depicting characters from her imaginary world of monarchy and noble folk.


Pseudo sexual characters adorn behavioural oddments through a terrifying back – story of historical events as yet untold, titled ‘Imperial Leather’.


Derived from snippets of overheard conversation and appropriated images Locks works weaves new narratives of history and myth through a complicated and sometimes mysterious tale of heartache, lust and delusional thinking.


Introducing new characters, modes of transport, and trophies that may or may not exist within the story that as yet still remains hidden from the viewer, forcing the audience to re-invent their own dialogue within the works.


Works are repeatedly revisited by Lock over a prolonged period of time allowing for constant reinvention to an often bizarre and outlandish end.


The repeat of the geometric shapes, sounds, sculptures and wall – based works are significant to the story to date, revealing the souvenirs that Lock’s main character ‘Gimp’ has picked up from various encounters.


Lock intends to reveal the occasional short story from her ongoing book in 2011.


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