Hello Brooklyn! The Motion Work of Kim Dulaney

Kim Dulaney’s skill set is as diverse as her collection of awards. This year, alone, she picked up a Golden Lion at Cannes for Best Design for her OFFF titles, was named in Lürzer’s Archive magazine’s ‘Best 200 Illustrators Worldwide’ and chosen as an ADC Young Gun to boot. Currently based in Brooklyn – her workspace lined with Archigram posters as inspiration – she’s using her vast experience and expertise to branch out as a successful freelancer.


Dulaney’s love for graphic design began in 1999, after being introduced to the field by her uncle while experimenting with illustration styles in high school. Her first big break came in 2008, updating a professional online folio of work for award-winning creative production company Stardust Studios.


Her projects included a commercial commissioned by Finnish agency Sek & Grey Oy for coffee brand Paulig Presidentti, and a billboard for Hugo Boss, on which she was the lead designer. After Stardust, Dulaney spent two years working full time at prolific animation, design and visual effects studio Psyop, where she was involved in huge campaigns.


After working on such complex, fulfilling projects with Psyop, she decided to go freelance. Armed with paper, some pencils, a Wacom tablet and Photoshop, Dulaney found that she could take on whatever brief suited her interests and eye for a fun challenge.


Dulaney has recently worked with Passion Pictures New York to make a short for the Red Bull Music Academy.



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