Tradition vs. Modernity in Shanghai: Maleonn

Ma Liang, also known as Maleonn (1972 Shanghai), is a talented Chinese photographer who has gained a kind of cult following because of his fable like photographs. His images, in color and black and white, are often created with props, actors and a strange mix of hues, colors and theatrical sets.


A graduate of the Fine Arts College of Shanghai University, Ma Liang studied graphic design, and it shows in his works, which blend new style with a look and feel of old photographic images, when colors were unrefined. He lives and works in Shanghai.


The Artistic Director, born in a family of artists, starts in 1995 by producing short films. In advertising film he made a name very quickly, but feels restricted in his role waiting for customers and in the constraints of the agencies.


In fact, the modern systems of work naturally led him to move a career as a photographer.


One can see a criticism of the consumer society: the development for him was prejudicial with the spirituality of the old Chinese culture: the loss of hope, the collapse of the values…


Thus, the new face of Shanghai makes him nostalgic as an artist who deeply likes his city in which he raised. Ma Liang compares his city with a drunk woman singing every night – Shanghai lost its heart.




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