The Art of Evanescence


An outstanding artist I recently fell in love with is Fernando Gómez Balbontín. Fernando is painter from Santiago, Chile. His collection of work revolves around vehicle accidents and death. Portraying the reality of uncertainty and blind ignorance through the eyes of an observer.


“We seem lo live in an inevitable nonconformity. We do not accept the uncertainty that arises from our total ignorance about death. And while denying the only certainty that we probably have, we construct a hopeful discourse about a hypothetical future in which it is impossible to stop existing. (…)


The representation of an imaginary around death pretend store think life’s real sense, inducing the observer to anact of resistance towards the consumption of ideas imposed by a contaminated society. Denying death is denying life. So tragedy is not the reality of death, but it is about not accepting this possibility and consequently, not reaching life.” (The New Collector’s Book,


Fernando Gómez Balbontín shows the depressing sight of the mangled metal of a car wreck with bright blends of neon acrylic dripping down his canvas. One can’t tell if the characters in his paintings are truly unscathed by the horrible state of affairs that surronds them; or if they are simply no longer burdened by the weight of the living.


Balbontín shows true progression as an artist and seems to find himself inventing new ways to keep his audience’s eyes glued to his paintings. His tactics work, because just like witnessing the aftermath of a massive car accident off the side of the road… it’s just too hard to look away.


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