See the letters on the street! -Linda Zacks

One of my favorite artists I recently saw at the Offf in Barcelona is Linda Zacks from Brooklyn, NYC. Her work is so inspiring and just amazing! So a good reason to share it with everyone here.



When creating her powerful and gritty collages, Brooklyn-based artist and designer Linda Zacks draws inspiration from a wide array of sources, but the city she calls home is her major muse. From duct tape to a scribbled-over Polaroid, she says anything can serve as a potential art supply or creative spark. “For long as I can remember, part of my living space has been a designated disaster area – there’s always been a messy space to dabble in the pure joy of creation.”



Linda spent much of her life moving around – including living overseas in England as a youngster and attending high school in Holland. She’s a graduate of Brown University and worked as Design Director for before going solo with scream-as-loud-as-you-can-graphics for Sony Style, Adobe, INQ Mobile, and The Newport Beach Film Festival among others.




She has created campaigns, posters, videos, illustrations, paintings – not to mention a growing arsenal of little handmade books of her own work, including the aptly named I swallowed a Rainbow, got drunk on Air & Puked it up all over the World. Linda has shown in art exhibitions throughout the world from the 1000 Journals show at the SF MOMA to CBGBs to MTV in the United States, the Paris subway to Sydney.



She has been recognized with Broadcast Design Awards and selected as a “Fresh” artist by Communication Arts. Her work was also selected for inclusion in American Illustration 30. Linda, I love your work!

Find out more about Linda Zacks on


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