Form And Human Body Is Alien

The human body is the material of choice for the creations of Ddiarte. Often, they are the creators and protagonists of the works. Games alluring colors and bodies whisper us stories sarcastic, biting, satirical and dream and open the door of the imagination to a mythological world, assumed a subversion of reality. The talent of these two Portuguese have long crossed the border.




Ddiarte was born in 1999, initially dedicated exclusively to painting, made some collective and individual exhibitions and left their marks on the ceilings of some churches. In 2003, awakened to the digital photography, and especially for the digital manipulation of images. Since then, these two self-taught and inspired inspiradíssimos have produced works of art have been recognized worldwide.





Move them the passion for creation, the materialization of a story. Along the way, a hedonistic search for perfection, put his finger right in the middle of indifference and cause more distracted consciences. They believe that art is born from the combination of feeling, will, creativity and imagination.



To describe, using words of Romaric Buel, curator of one of their exhibitions: “The two artists, Zé Diogo Jesus and Diamantino, are heirs to a remarkable Baroque Europe as a whole, and the Portuguese Baroque in particular. Nothing that relates to light, form and human body is alien to them. A baroque exceed, without difficulty, all the obstacles of neoclassicism, impressionism, cubism and abstraction to reach current and still relevant to us. We are faced with two artists who, with an absolute art of composition, playing with the spaces and volumes, we are faced with two artists who, equipping the technique, playing with colors and chiaroscuro.”



In the range of projects to be implemented in the near future are the completion of dozens of works at hand – many of them related to the environment and its degradation – to then start something new, inspired an artistic movement of the past and adapting it to in the present.



Have won a number of awards, including the “Award of Excellence” at the European Newspaper Award (London, 2006) and the European Fine Art Photograph of the Year Award (2010), with the book “Cupid’s Playground”. Yet seen his work “Autumn” published in French PHOTO (2011), on the occasion of the publication of the 500 best photos of the publication.



Ddiarte in the world, we are invited to the temptation of imagination and illusion. See the website of the artists.


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