Let There Be Light, Mr Rochon!

Patrick Rochon started his flair in light painting in 1992, and has been commissioned in different assignments from shooting advertisements for cars to posters of events and even in live events. He declared himself a full time light painter in 1997 on a flight to Tokyo.





Patrick is known for his visionary light painting portraits as well as his work in the automotive world and his live light painting performances. He takes the art of light painting photography beyond its limits and produces some beautiful work along the way.




Patrick enjoys creating spontaneously but he also has been known to meditate to find his inspiration and then build on the momentum while he works to give birth to a bigger creation. In the early 90′s Patrick was living in New York and did a gallery exhibition with T.Y.K.2, the owner decided to fly the artist to Japan for an exhibition there and he fell in love with Tokyo.



Patrick loved it so much he ended up letting his flight go back without him and he lived there for ten years. Patrick is now back living in Montreal, Canada working on his light painting imagery. For even more information check out Patrick’s awesome website PatrickRochon.com and view his youtube channel where he post video of his latest projects.



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