The Worst Thing A Designer Can Do Is Not Get Noticed – Josip Kelava

When Josip graduated from Swinburne Faculty of Design, he remembers what his university teacher said to him and has inspired him ever since. The teacher said: “The worst thing a designer can do is not get noticed.”




And from those words, he realized that it wasn’t so much about making something look good, but creating an emotional response that meant more than just a pretty picture. With this motivation, he continued to push himself to make his work bold, confident and memorable.






As a Croatian born designer, he has lived most of his life in Australia’s design capital, Melbourne. His direction towards the design world connects with his passion for photography, his lust for typography and the thrill of creating something from nothing.






When he thinks about Graphic Design, he feels as though it is everywhere. It is a mix of storytelling, craft, science and philosophy. The world is constantly changing and as a designer, he believes he needs to adapt. Learning new techniques and stepping outside his comfort zone is how he wants to grow as a designer.

This website is a showcase of his favourite and passionate designs:

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