Créateurs d’excellence: Eclumes Studios

”Our images get to the heart of the matter and concentrate on the centre of your intentions. They aim to give radiance to your message.”

Having started their production firm out of an attic in 2008, Damien Krisl and Joel Cartier`s Eclumes Studios quickly became one of the leading production companies for luxury brands and fashion in Switzerland. A goal made possible not only by motivation and will of the two young upstarts to succeed in this highly competitive business, but also through years of hard work of them and their associates that helped getting the company where it stands today.



The origin of the name ECLUMES is a combination of the two French words éclair (lightning) and lumière (light), signifying the gathering of the ways light is used differently in photography and in filming.



Damien and Joel set themselves apart by creating moving and still images that create whole new worlds, each of them telling a story in their own way. They mastered seeing the special in everyday tasks and present it in astonishing beauty that gets under the skin of the audience which has the pleasure of experiencing something new and unseen. Their goal is to provoke emotions with groundbreaking imagery by connecting fashion and film in exceptional ways.



“It’s the art of not only fulfilling the expectation a client has of our work, but to exceed it in every aspect.”

Damien and Joel are true visual aesthetes, their creativity originating out of the strive for perfection and the passion they have for their craft. They produce commercials and shootings all over the world, including Berlin, Paris and just recently, the United States.



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