The Passionate Typographic Work of Áron Jancsó

“My philosophy is that I’m going to follow my passions. Work should not becoming just a job, it should be fun. People are way more productive when they are motivated from the inside and love what they do.”



Working as a freelance graphic designer in Budapest, Áron Jancsó is totally addicted and committed to type design. He enjoys working in both modernist and calligraphic styles, building fonts from scratch and even designing individual letters for posters.



Consistent, clean and simple sums up Jancsó’s’ work, with a focus on the details of the letterforms rather than the whole finished product.



He prefers shapes and structures instead of effects. His style on one side is a blend of modernism, street culture and calligraphy, but it is also very experimental on the other side as well. He’s always searching for new ways of creation.



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