Mr Kaplin, Bring Me A Dream …

Mr Kaplin is the creative partnership of Robert Glassford and Daniel Zucco, who joined forces in 2011. Primarily focusing on directing animation & motion design, the two paired up over their love for all things that flicker and move.

“It’s early days for us. Most of our work has been animated simply because we have been living in different time zones and working over Skype, but now we are both based in London. We have a backlog of ideas that we are keen to implement into our videos, a lot of them using live action, but we try to be open to all possibilities from the get-go and let things develop in a natural way.”





“While searching for physics applets we came across a great quote from Einstein: ‘You should be able to explain the laws of physics to a barmaid.'” (…) All math becomes beautiful when it reaches a certain level of complexity.”

Mr Kaplin has worked on projects for many global brands including, Samsung, Intel, Chivas Regal, MTV, Rosetta Stone, Kirin and Channel 4, as well as working with International artists such as Toob, Frank Eddie, Chinza Dopeness and Paris Wells.





Their work has been featured in IdN Magazine, Promo News, Creative Review, Shots and Channel 4′s Random Acts. Combined they have won a number of awards including a Bafta for Technical Excellence, a 4 Talent Award for Best Fiction and a Melbourne Design award for Best Music Video.



“We like to work over a range of styles and mediums as it keeps it interesting for us and we don’t want to pigeonhole ourselves. It’s a real shame when directors get picked up for their style, get to make a couple of videos, and then you never hear from them again. We have huge admiration for directors like Anton Corbijn, Mark Romanek, and Garth Jennings. They can work in any medium or style and continue to bring something new to all their work.”


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