Vibrant & Fun: Andy Tran

“Someone will always be better than you, and someone else will be better than that said person. The ability to have fun means you can endure all the time, energy, money, etc. you put into your work. It’s all good, though, because you’re having fun.”


Andy Tran is a West Coast designer who mainly focuses on print-based work. When browsing his portfolio, I was particularly intrigued in his poster designs, essentially because they embody a style so different from my own.


Most of Andy’s work is type friendly and clean. It feels like he has the touch for many different genres of graphic design, even such a term exists. The reason why I think that it’s because he can work well with both psychedelic compositions as well as bold black and white vectors.


My favorite quality of his work is his color pallet choices and use of overlapping and transparency. As an example of the pieces above. The colors are vibrant and fun. However, he adds his own style to it and it does not feels like he is copying everybody else.

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