Chevalvert – au service de l’idée

The Paris-based studio was founded in 2007 by Patrick Paleta and Stéphane Buellet and describes itself as being based on an “open, multidisciplinary approach,” which might go some way to explaining why it feels like a cave laden with treasures. So many treasures.

Chevalvert_1 Chevalvert_2

In fact, there is such a wealth of strong and extensive design projects on its site that I struggled to choose which one to write about. Based on an open, multidisciplinary and cross approach of design, Chevalvert studio reaches et conceives projects without a priori, where the form serves the idea.

Chevalvert_3 Chevalvert_4 Chevalvert_5

The realizations of the studio are shared between institutional, cultural and industrial orders and self-initiated projects. The knowledge and expertise of the studio bring a cross-perspective on the problematics approach and allows relevant and coherent answers in each area of graphic design.

Chevalvert_6 Chevalvert_7 Chevalvert_8 Chevalvert_9

The studio values equally each project. Regardless of its size, commitment and quality requirement remains the same. Throughout its various collaborations, Chevalvert has established a solid network of graphic, type and product designers, web developers and scenographers, all experts in their own fields.

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