Hello, My Name Is Wendy!

French design duo My Name is Wendy caught my eye earlier this year with the innovative D/I/M/E/N/S/I/O/N typographic poster series. The studio recently launched a new site showcasing some great new projects that suggest the pair’s Bauhaus-esque graphic approach is going from strength to strength. My Name is wendy was born in 2006 from the collaboration of two independent graphic designers, Carole Gautier and Eugénie Favre.

mynameiswendy5mynameiswendy7This collaboration unites expertise in graphic and plastic art. The group produces visual identities, typefaces, formal principals, pictures, patterns and printings. A project is first of all an encounter gathering competences and mutual ethics. Moreover, the Group produces a limited number of sized posters and can use different platforms within plastic realizations to satisfy its needs for expression.

mynameiswendy6 mynameiswendy9

Based in Paris, Carole Gautier and Eugénie Favre have worked together and have been in close collaboration with a broad range of international clients. Looking at their graphic work is like looking at a collage – partly surreal and almost entirely rendered in solely black and white. Their work is defined by standout shapes and forms, and/or typographic elements, against bold backgrounds.

mynameiswendy3 mynameiswendy2

“Our relationship with forms is essential, we wish to create them with cogency and expression.”


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