Vive Les Graphiquants!

Founded in Paris in 2008, Les Graphiquants is a design agency investigating, exploring, experimenting and drawing signs, transforming clients’ stories into the abstract, the poetic, the graphic, the sensitive, the black and white, sometimes the colour, always the meaning –without forgetting an inimitable dose of peculiarity.

les_graphiquants_1 les_graphiquants_2

The approach has always led to an intelligent, serious, brutal as well as delicate imagination combined with rigorous work methods. A wide range of work and skills from graphic design, typographies, brand identities, video production, art direction, signage to websites conception and development.

les_graphiquants_3 les_graphiquants_4

It has built a reputation for serving the cultural field and the arts, but has a wide scope of clients coming from all sides of the market. Les Graphiquants were founded by two creative directors, Romain Rachlin and Maxime Tétard, who studied together at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. They have since been joined by Cyril Taïeb and Françios Dubois.

les_graphiquants_5 les_graphiquants_6

In 2011 they received international fame, by winning the European Design Agency of the Year Award at a ceremony held in Vilnius, Lithuania.

les_graphiquants_9 les_graphiquants_8

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