Evelyn Siegmund’s Image Processing

Those who think all the visually stunning and creative artwork in Germany comes from Berlin, Hamburg or Düsseldorf might take a look on Evelyn Siegmund to change their perspective. Having worked for the quite popular left-wing newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau in the past, Evelyn is now focussing on her work on Image Processing, Manipulation, Retouching, Typography and Illustration by working as a freelancing graphic designer and visual artist in Frankfurt.

evelyin_siegmund_2 evelyin_siegmund_1 evelyin_siegmund_3

Evelyn does not like making the same thing twice. With a fascination for the inner workings of 3D programs, much of her work arises from learning new software techniques and practices. Each piece in Objects and Forms explores new terrain, from faded hilltops scenes to wrinkled rainbow landscapes. She always explores new software and has mastered Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and Cinema 4D to create her artworks and graphics.

evelyin_siegmund_5 evelyin_siegmund_6 evelyn_siegmund_4

Evelyn is known as a pioneer with being one of those artist who worked with Pixelsorting. The effect can achieve some truly artistically resonant results like in the work by Alex Manthei and Kim Asendorf. Pixelsorting involves taking rows and columns of pixel data in an image and sorting them by values like hue or luminosity. You can tell a pixelsorted image because they appear to have some method to their madness. In a typical pixelsorted image, the pixels appear to rain down in semi-orderly clusters of lines.

evelyn_siegmund_7 evelyn_siegmund_8 evelyn_siegmund_9

Have a look at her unique artworks on http://www.evelynsiegmund.com/

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