Studio Jimbo’s Best Aesthetic Shock

Jimbo Barbu works under the moniker Studio Jimbo, as an independent designer and art director in Paris on various editorial, branding and identity projects. His style is communicative, using typography to create impact and power. Science fiction, art, photography, fashion music are all inspirations and anything can make something click in his head and give him an idea.



It’s hard to believe that the studio was only founded in 2014 since its portfolio is jam-packed with a huge set of stunning design featuring typographic layouts and illustrations that have also graced the pages of international design publication Kiblind and many others.

studio_jimbo_2 studio_jimbo_1

His portfolio is mainly poster designs for various club nights, albums, contests and exhibitions, and they’ve really developed since we last showed his work in 2015. With just one chance to make an impact, Jimbo enjoys thinking of ways to surprise and satisfy his audience by using the “best aesthetic shock”. After this initial punch, the designer is keen to convey an atmosphere through his visual language which is a combination of type work and abstract imagery and patterns in moody colour palettes.

studio_jimbo_3 studio_jimbo_6

Barbu always brings a thoughtful styling to his practice. So, Studio Jimbo is no doubt an ever-growing platform for contemporary editorial design, visual identity, moving image, and illustration.

studio_jimbo_7 studio_jimbo_9

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