Pour la culture avec Murmure!

Based in Caen and Paris, Murmure is a French creative communication agency specializing in the strong visual identity. The agency is directed by two artistic directors (Julien Alirol and Paul Ressencourt) and aspires to produce and develop singular creative and aesthetic projects adapted to its clients’ desires. Murmure is a multiple faceted platform able to adapt its size and aptitudes due to a wide network of pluridisciplinary collaborators who are at the cutting edge of their own fields.

murmure_2 murmure_3 murmure_4

They have a bold visual vernacular which they apply with ambition and flair across everything from printed matter to bags, websites to walls. Nowhere is this better expressed than in Murmure’s work for the Nördik Impakt festival held in Caen. Built around striking geometric patterns and a bespoke, music inspired typeface, the identity is stylish and recognisable, so much so in fact that its motifs can be applied to huge walls with little or no information about the festival. When visuals can be left to speak for themselves in this way you know you’re dealing with very strong, special graphic design work.




“The curiosity, daring and artistic sensibility that motivate us can be found in our achievements every day and ensure that Murmure is now an original creative agency which is well-established in the French creative landscape. Our strengths lie in a dual artistic direction, which allows us to continually reexamine our ideas, ensuring we never become complacent with what we do. Our work is to highlight meaning. Our ambition is to interact with the audience while still responding to set marketing goals with relevance. Our obsession is to bring together creativity and accuracy so that our clients can communicate with power and originality.”
Paul Ressencourt – Art Director & Partner

murmure_5 murmure_6 murmure_7

Murmure embeds their focus on both the initial ideas and the artistic direction, guiding and advising the client every step of the way, from concept to execution. The sheer talent exemplified within each creation has contributed to the wide network of multidisciplinary collaborators, as of late these include Red Bull, Nördik Impakt and Radio Phénix. Further works include the graphical pattern of the Red Bull Academy 2015 musical event at the Cargö in Caen, flaunting the vibrancy of the electric blue colour palette, juxtaposed by the intricate typographic composition and the Greeting Cards, revealing the agency’s graphic ambitions for the future, defined by themselves as modern and creative.


murmure_11 murmure_12 murmure_13

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