Virgile Laguin – Design graphique & Culture visuelle

Virgile Laguin is a graphic designer from Le Havre. He is responsible for the visual communication of the University of Le Havre communication department, while also working as a freelancer for external sponsors: ADBU, La Galerne bookstore, etc. He participates in the organization of Une Saispon Graphique, an annual event focused on contemporary graphic design.


His work is a mixture of everything in terms of graphic design: visual identity, posters, editorial design and interactive design, as well his web multimedia project “NORLENSK”. The Laguin universe is characterized by a work of subtle architecture combining mostly scupltural typography and abstract organic forms in an extra-ordinary use.


Photography experiments play an increasingly important role in his graphic work. His stunning visuals have been recognized in contemporary design competitions, such as The International Festival of Poster and Graphics of Chaumont, The Graphic Design Biennial Golden Bee of Moscow or the MuipBiennial of Istanbul.


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