Six N. Five’s Le Monde Des Images

Directed by Ezequiel Pini, the soul of Six N. Five is bridging design together with art in a distinctive fashion. Since being founded in 2014, the design studio has been transforming perceptions of what digital design can be through their minimal, surreal, and tranquil creations. From their professional work for the likes of Samsung to more introverted personal projects, Six N. Five have been turning heads through their forward-thinking 3D work and aesthetic.

sixnfive8 sixnfive5

The studio has built its reputation from having a very unique aesthetic. They create daydream atmospheres that whisk you away into another mindset like René Magritte’s Le monde des images. Scroll through their work on Instagram and you’ll come across comments like, ‘This picture cures anxiety’ and another saying, ‘This speaks to my soul.’

sixnfive3 sixnfive4

Six N. Five as a contemporary design studio is specialising in still life visuals and videos with a clean and modern aesthetic; Apart from working on advertising, editorial and video commissions, they also find time to create experimental work which is legitimising cgi as a new medium for creative self-expression. Their refined imagination, poetic compositions, edgy minds and sleek skills makes the studio a hit in the uniqueness and purity of its results.

sixnfive2 sixnfive1

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