A short audiovisual project overview

Some recent automotive social media campaigns in my role as a Creative Director can be found here. All of them have strong focus on audiovisual media that was an essential part of the content strategy. Feel free to watch the downcuts or trailers.

Spirit of Amarok

7 international teams, 1 goal: To win the Kalahari in South Africa. Create a Offroad Home for fans around the world. The Spirit of Amarok is the only amateur 4×4 championship with international status. From behind the wheel of an Amarok, qualifying teams from around the world go head-to-head to determine who are the top amateur off-road precision driving champions.

Spirit of Amarok

Through a competitive selection process, off-roading enthusiasts are chosen to represent their country at this premier international final. Competitors test their mettle on a course designed by rally and track racing legend, Sarel van der Merwe, in the only 100% German-engineered bakkie: the Volkswagen Amarok.

This ultimate 4×4 driving challenge is named “The Spirit of Amarok” for good reason. ‘Amarok’ is the giant Wolf of ancient Inuit mythology. This is a very fitting symbol of the qualities of patience, strength and determination that the winning team must demonstrate to be named the toughest amateur off-road drivers in the world.

As Creative Director at IBM iX Studios Berlin, the digital lead agency for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, we used our expertise in Digital Campaigns and Daily Touch Content to create an exclusive Offroad adventure for thousands of fans at home, using real-time Content Production, and a waterproof strategy for Influencer and Activation Campaign using Facebook Canvas Ads, GIF-Postings and clips from offload fans.

Average interaction rate from 5.3 %, 1Mio+ YouTube views, 2 Mio Facebook and Instagram friends!


What do the new MAN engines D15 and D26 and the Comfort Steering & Lane Return Assist vehicle assistance systems have in common with the disciplines of a triathlon?


As in sports, the task of a truck driver is to choose the right balance of power, efficiency and precision for a huge variety of everyday challenges. So there are several parallels to the UPSs of the equipment packages of the MAN XLION.

What could be more obvious than staging them appropriately and using them in a widely ranged social media campaign?

Announced as a premiere during the Bauma trade fair, on which the new packages were presented to the public, MAN was able to reactivate customers directly via the digital channels and could convince fleet managers orsales representatives about the advantages.

MAN Neoplan & Klebebande

Why should not a bus be a contemporary piece of art? That was our central question, combined with the idea of how to win a new and younger target group for MAN.

MAN Neoplan

How can we reach people on channels that have not been relevant for MAN until then? What makes a bus much more interesting? Together with the Berlin artists of the Klebebande, three bus models were individually designed and sent on tour in three German cities.

Short Project Trailer

The projects shown above should just give you a short impression of my work as a Creative Director with a focus on cross-media communication campaigns and content productions for all possible channels, on the web, on the screen, on the road or all of them together.

The Next Level of 360° Communication: Storytelling Experiences

Tino Schwanemann - Storytelling Experiences

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