Maga Atelier

Maga is a Portuguese studio based in Lisbon. Founded by three long-time friends and colleagues, Maga combines the initials of the three founding members, who have a strong bond between them, both personally and in terms of design ideology. Together they have devised an efficient and effective way of tailoring unique creative solutions for the needs and ambitions of their clients.




José Mendes, Luís Alvoeiro and Carlos Guerreiro were long time colleagues who, following an old dream, set up their own practice in 2009. Maga is not a supplier, rather a partner in the projects it takes. It is driven by its love to Design. It constantly looks for new solutions that give its projects a unique identity.


maga04 maga06

“As we have three very different personalities, our method tends to be quite chaotic. At the same time we have a lot of professional experience, which allows us to keep very focused on new solutions. One of us tends to play the role of the account director, with each of the others acting as a creative director. We are influenced by everything that surrounds us.”

maga03 maga05 maga09

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