The Genuine Narration of Maren Esdar

Maren Esdar has been doing illustrations for Vogue Germany and is currently based in Hamburg. She considers art to be a way of communication, involving both the conscious and unconscious mind. She believes that it also helps to express moods and atmospheres, targeting the viewer’s emotional system directly, before being analysed by reason.  maren_esdar6


Maren Esdar’s striking mixed-media collages contain a surrealist tendency that leads audiences to a strange, dream-like dimension. Educated in both Hamburg and London, Maren’s creations are made with a combination of the classical technique of cutting and pasting with digital rendering. Her work often contains images that transform objects and accessories into genuine narrations, with references to nature philosophy and literature.



Many of the world’s fashion and style magazines as well as brands have published Maren’s work including: GQ, La Perla and W Magazine. She has also provided illustrations for Danish knitwear designer Iben Høj for her Spring / Summer 2012 collection.



Maren’s work continues to captivate and inspire the fashion world. Maren is represented by Traffic Creative in New York, 2agenten in Berlin and UNIT CMA in Amsterdam. Check out her website:




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